Friday, 25 December 2009

Alastair Campbell [3]

Alastair Campbell is an unwanted abortion of a bullying Scotch cunt.


  1. On Christmas day, too!

    You are a fucking gent.

  2. Actually he is English, honestly as is Alastair Darling.

    Blair on the other hand is Scottish but we plan to change the laws when we get a chance.

    Brown is Northbritish; nobody wants him either.

  3. Bryan Ferry is a greasy cunt (and that nomination was forwarded by the Queer One and backed by me)

  4. Ha Ha Ha, Count Mandelson is being reported as feeling "used and disposed of" By Gordon Brown, what a CUNT !

  5. Mark Thompson is a scruffy, "wasting public money as he can't get a proper job", shifty fat slaphead cunt.

  6. I would nominate SAINSBURYS as 'Fair value for money' (not good value-see the reverse of their reciepts)'£10 rip off' (see my blog post cunts.

    Merry Xmas & Happy new year to Fido, GOT, Allseeing Eye et al.

    Bob de Bilde

  7. Today, I'm not nominating an actual person. Not sure whether this will be permitted under the rules, but I've sod all to lose by trying.

    Side roads that haven't been gritted and as a result are now covered in about three or four inches of rock solid ice are a massive cunt, in my opinion. Thanks to this, I am unable to get on the main roads tonight. Thus I am unable to get back to my house. Hence why I am spending the night with my girlfriend's grandparents and won't be able to leave until well into tomorrow morning.

    Not a bad thing in itself, you understand. I like these people. But I also like being in my house. And the fact I can't get there has annoyed me considerably.


  9. I nominate Ray Winston.
    He who is reported to be a fantastic actor, allegedly playing Regan in the remake of the Sweeney (George Carter is replaced by a women BTW) who looks like he has to have an autocue to do a Bet365 advert.
    Yeah, great actor.

  10. Grim
    Hope you managed to get back to your own bed eventually! Drop me the name of the council and I'll cunt the cunts. We've cunted a few councils here already, they're all cunts, the cunts ;-)

    What's wrong with being a global denier?
    However, Eddie the Eagle is still a cunt for being in those cunting insurance adverts and will be cunted.

    George Carter being played by a girl?
    Someone is taking the fucking piss. Find out who it is and we'll cunt the cunt.

  11. Bob
    Haven't got a fucking clue who the fuck you're trying to cunt or even if you're actually nominating a cunt to cunt. Mind you, I am totally pissed ;-)

    Happy New Year to you too!

  12. Dear GOT

    Sainsbury's are pound pinching (£10 nicking), poor vfm, megacapitalist cunts

    Bob de Bilde

    (aka Bob de Cunt)

  13. GOT said to me: "Grim, Hope you managed to get back to your own bed eventually! Drop me the name of the council and I'll cunt the cunts. We've cunted a few councils here already, they're all cunts, the cunts ;-)"

    It would be Fermanagh District Cuntcil in Northern Ireland. They can't be arsed gritting half the roads in the area - yet the people who live on these roads are still expected to pay their rates. They haven't emptied our bins for 3 weeks now either, meaning I have to take it to the skip myself. Poor widdle binmen might hurt themselves on the ice, see.

    Lazy, lazy cunts.

  14. There are some really ignorant people on this site! ...when will people learn that "SCOTCH" is a drink !! the race of people who come from Scotland are "SCOTS" or "SCOTTISH" !!!........the people who write these fucking stupid remarks are obviously thick "CUNTS" and should be nominated as CUNTS themselves !!!

  15. cuntstable cuntbubble7 December 2011 at 12:39

    Flintstone you are a Scotch cunt.