Monday, 9 November 2009

Keith Vaz [2]

Keith Vaz, it's my PC, my electricity and my time, you fascist cunt.

Nominated by HeadsonPoles


  1. Vaz is a race-card playing,fucker of a paki cunt that's here on this earth for no reason I can think of,except to talk shit.

  2. Good point Shades' elegantly made. Keith Vaz was also put on this earth so that people could say " oleaginous " when talking about him, as in " oleaginous cunt ".

  3. Old Keith Vaz is a oily old cunt
    and an oily old cunt is he!

  4. And don't forget that he's a corrupt, grasping, "within the rules" cunt. He claimed £75K for a central London flat but that's okay cos the tube would take 37 minutes to get him to Westminster.

    Is it racist to say that, proportionately, much of the expenses scandal has a "sub-continental" feel?

  5. That's 37 mins on the tube from his family home.

  6. Would you buy a used car from this greasy, spivvy little fucker ?

    No ? .. Me neither ..