Monday, 9 November 2009

Gordon Brown [4]

Gordon Brown is a pisspoor letter-writing, not bowing at the Cenotaph, disrespectful cunt.

Nominated by HeadsonPoles


  1. Thank you Sir.

    Could I also take the liberty of nominating Keith Vaz for trying to stop me playing what I want on my PC.
    My PC, My electricity, my time now mind your own fucking business and fuck off - I will decide what is best for me not you. I'm grown up enough to be taxed to kingdom fucking come but playing a game - not allowed.

  2. This fucker deserves a beheading at the hands of the taliban,never mind a cunting.Its time he did us all a favour and fucked off and died.I'd quite happily piss on his grave,like he's done to our brave service personel that have lost their lives fighting in his and Blair's war of LIES.

  3. I have never found the need to comment on this site until today and wholeheartedly agree that Brown is a complete cunt.

  4. Being ever merciful I can forgive Brown the spelling mistake but not showing respect at the Cenotaph displays cuntishness beyond belief.
    There's a song somewhere for it, oh yer " Why don't you, fuck off and die ? ".

  5. The cunt should be made to dance the Tyburn jig! Traitor!!

  6. Agree with Barking, lets get Gordon dancing his last.