Thursday, 26 November 2009

Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine is a smug bad-mouthing cunt.

Nominated by banned


  1. Leslie Grantham (Dirty Den) is a fucking murdering scumbag cunt

  2. Jeremy Vine was on BBC Radio 2 yesterday discussing whether or not Google had a responsibility to 'suppress' images of Michelle Obama as a monkey with various prelates and lefty journos ( they agreed almost unanimously " yes ").
    They then went on to discuss whether other subjects should be similarly censored, such as...
    Kiddie porn
    Racist piss-takes
    Beheadings of British people
    Violent strangulation porn
    Religious hate cartoons
    Climate skeptics

    Uho, excuse me Jeremy, is that really the sort of company we keep, you cunt ?

  3. Having watched the fuckwit on Question Time last night, I nominate Marcus Brigstocke as a thick, shit for brains, overused by the beeb, wankstain of a cunt.

  4. They've just announced that the cleaner who worked for Baroness Scotland has been charged. But Her Royal Cuntess Scotland gets off scot free (pun intended) for illegally employing the poor bitch. So I nominate Baroness Scotland as a cunt who is above the law. And remember, she was never elected so we can't get rid except by stoning her to fucking death.

  5. Excellently cunted Blind Pugh; fake 'baronnss' Scotland has left her cleaner out to dry when she should be in dock with her for aiding and abetting, before, during and after the event.

    Not to mention " Conspiracy which could get her well and truly cunted for life. "

  6. Nice one, Blind Puch.

    I believe she has earned the uber title of Shit-Cunt of the Highest Order.

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  8. But Tweed, Brigstocke has been to the Arctic ...twice and the Eskimos told him it was all man made CO2 that is melting the ice.
    Those two trips must have increased his "carbon footprint" from size 9 to fucking clown shoe size. The patronising nonce faced cunt.