Thursday, 26 November 2009

Harold Wilson [2]

Harold Wilson is a lying about Europe and a Great Britain-screwing cunt.

Nominated by HeadsonPoles, Brickbat and banned


  1. I remember my parents saying that Wilson's secretary really ran the country - not sure if it was true or not.
    Thank you for the cunting Sir.

  2. pipe smoking mong ?
    i had a great childhood and these arse packets were the beginning of the end !
    god bless ya got
    enoch was a nutter but by god & grace was he right?
    WE WERE ROBBED and now a fool can piss on our parents graves and get away with it

  3. maggie took my school milk the fucking cunt and stole my childhood the thieving cunt

  4. At least Wilson never pretended to be anything other than a cunt and he had the grace to fuck off and die in the Scilly Isles after MI6 sorted him out.

  5. I liked him. And his secretary, Marcia, who actually ran the country because he had Altzheimers was very nice too.

    Unlike Andy Murray who I nominate a cunt for continually impersonating the American Werewolf In London. He's a talentless loser who can do nothing but gurn and howl as he is beaten yet again. Look at this for fuck's sake:-


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