Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Derbyshire Libraries

Ann Ainsworth at Derbyshire Libraries is a poppy banning cunt.

Nominated by Fidothedog


  1. The Good News
    "A decision to ban poppies from being sold in libraries was overturned after an outcry today." Including 530 readers comments at the Daily Mail

    The Bad News
    Anne Ainsworth ( any relation to Bob ? ) 'Derbyshire Operations Manager, West'is still in office, the cunt.

    Kindly note that Derbyshire is a Conservative run Council.

  2. btw Daily Mail, how's that for a loaded question ?

    " Should councils be obliged to support the poppy appeal?"

    Damned if you do...

  3. CUNT...and Banned beat me to it.I was wondering if she was Body-Bag's Bitch.What a concidence tho.Both named Ainsworth and both don't give a shit about our brave troops.Total cunts,related or not.

  4. I nominate every fucker in the cabinet that has anything to do with foisting to sodding Lisbon treaty or whatever it is called today upon this nation.
    Cunts, every single one of them.
    Since when does the common market need a president?

  5. I nominate Gok Wan, the bloke who hosts How To Look Good Naked.

    Irritating cunt, if ever there was one. Although I admit I wouldn't mind getting to grope women's boobs and arses all day and being paid for it.

  6. that's what you get for being bent as a nine bob GR...hey,perhaps we should all 'come out' as the gayboys say..but do you think they'd notice that we were talking out of our arses?