Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Christmas Gifts - Stocking Fillers

Looking for that ideal Christmas gift for a cunt?
Want to tell someone what you really think of them?
Can't find the right words for that special person?
The solution is here.


  1. ahhh.memories.When I was a lad,all those different looks of a pussy were what I craved.You never knew before you unfolded her flaps,if she was going to have big lips,a big clit,a juicy minge or was going to stink like a fish from Grimsby's.But that's what you craved.Unlocking that secret little doorway...Now as I've got older,all I can think about is they piss thru it,and do I really want a cuppasoup of URINE?Age does funny things to a man

  2. SoA - so true....
    One in that picture looks a bit mouldy too.

  3. I thought they were ALL supposed to be pink inside.

    That black one looks decidedly black inside, so I want a refund.

  4. The black one Kille,wiped back to front.Either that,or its a niggers.YUK

  5. You can practically smell 'em from here!