Saturday, 31 October 2009

Richard Bacon

Richard Bacon is a smarmy, spotty fifteen year old DJ cunt.

He is on the radio solely so blind people can find out what a cunt he is.

Nominated by Cunt Hater


  1. A really annoying lefty cunt I think.

  2. From HurlingDervish.

    This cunt is clearly having a laugh, at our expense. After successfully dodging those 'awkward' drugs allegations and shoving enough of the Bolivian economy up his cunting bugle, this annoying fucking titwank cunt is back on our fucking screens in some excrutiating, cuntfest. Fuck off back to Blue Peter you cunt! so I can't see your ugly fucking cunt of a John Leslie cloned cunt of a face. Alright.

  3. You people are sad