Saturday, 31 October 2009

David Monks

David Monks believes "The Cunting process cannot be treated as sacrosanct".
It is here, Cunt.

Nominated by Goodnight Vienna and banned


  1. This clerkie cunt is in charge of raping the electoral system.
    £5.000 deposits to bankrupt smaller parties.
    Fewer polling stations to disenfranchise the elderly, disabled and lazy

    many many more all here David Monks How to swizz the electorate

    Find this cunt and boot him out of his fancy office, he is pais to uphold Democracy, not subvert it for his evil masters own ends.

  2. Losing your core Labour vote to the BNP? Put the deposit up.

    Worried that the rural vote will be firmly blue? Close country polling stations.

    Older less mobile people likely to vote Tory? Move the polling stations further away.

    Worried the UAF thugs won't be able to intimidate voters? Get rid of the security.

    Pensioners going to vote Conservative? Send out polling cards by email 'cos they've all got Blackberrys, haven't they.

    Why not just rig the ballot boxes and save us the joke of an election, Monks? It'd be more up-front at least.

  3. In a normal world what Monks said would be enough to get him sacked but instead he and his view that the 'democratic process cannot be sacrosanct' are shared by other b@st@rds in politics. It's time they were unmasked and booted out of office (or, as they'd no doubt put it, 'power').

  4. The cunting cunt!

    Even Mugabe didn't try to pull this cunting stunt!

  5. If this is true then a cunt.

  6. ASE, the link leads to something completely different on Fausty's Blog.

    Yes, it's true David Monk really did say that "the democratic process cannot be treated as sacrosanct".

  7. "if I can save money in an area such as elections that can save someone’s job in another area such as housing or social services then I will,” he said."

  8. Goodnight Vienna, don't know what I did but cheers for noticing it. Subrosa accused me of being on the cheap scotch the other night so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Anyway, couldn't find Fausty's post again, so have linked to one on yours instead.