Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Steve Wright

Steve Wright is a £440k-a-year cunt.

Nominated by Frosty


  1. My god he got fat!

    Fat cunt!

  2. Just as well he's only on the radio, fat cunt wouldn't fit on the Plasma TV widesreen.
    Talks shite too which is not surprising since he works for the BBC.
    Fuck off up to Manchester.

  3. He's on alot more than that the FAT CUNT.

  4. This fat fuckin stale pretentious cheesy cunt has outstayed his welcome on the radio, he should of fucked off years ago but he's still there everyday!, the only reason he still has a job is because he is a jewish bbc boys club member with jonathan ross, ricky gervais, and alan yentob and all those other cunts, a complete parasite of taxpayers money, complete asshole, a real life alan partridge, total cunt-a-thon.

  5. the fat fucks got food/drool on his jacket/tent!..the dribbly greedy scruffy obese cunt!...arrymonk

  6. Captain Cuntastic30 April 2012 at 08:32

    Cant beleive this cunt is on £440k a year, you would think being on that cunting money he could tidy himself up a bit pikey looking dirty fucking cunt, fillet o' fish, yeah I remember Wrighty, that the fuck happened you cunt? hit by the ugly train were you?

    Lots of Cunt Gary