Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Neil & Glenys Kinnock [2]

Neil & Glenys Kinnock are a pair of thieving cunts.

Nominated by Banned


  1. They look more and more like their 'Spitting Image' puppets as the days go by. Cunts!

  2. Too right Gigits, wrinkly old Cunts, must be all that time spent wallowing in the gravy.
    " So many troughs, so little time "
    As EU Pensioners these cunts' loyalties now lie with Brussels since their EU Pension is at risk if they act in any way deemed to be against the interst of the EU. Traitor Cunts.

  3. Take heart, they'll both be maggot meat in the not too distant future, in the mean time the cunts have to wake up next to each other. AAAAAAgh!!!

  4. From HurlingDervish.
    I'm not surprised Kinnocks fucking hooter/proboscis is so huge after the number of years the cunt has had it stuck snuffling for truffles in the trough, the thieving fucking sheep shagging wrinkled old Welsh ginger cunt.
    Can't they both fuck off to South America or something with the rest of the boys from Brazil?