Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Polly Toynbee

Polly Toynbee is a monumental cunt.

Nominated by Frosty


  1. I'll leave it with Frosty's

    "cunt of the highest order" Nice turn of phrase. No-one reads her shite in the guardian anyway, slag.

  2. British Airways Staff are all cunts for threatening to ruin our Summer Holidays by striking to protect their restrictive practises which have made their company so shitty that no fucker would fly with them by choice anyway.

    Clue People, fly somewhere else.

  3. I know she's made an appearance here already but how about: -

    Harriet Harman is an anchovy's cunt!

  4. She needs a statue to show how big a cunt she is.

    Not of her, but some symbolic statue or monument with the words in ten foot high letters saying "Polly Toynbee is a fucking cunt"

  5. BBC Radio 2 Newsreading Bitch Fenella Fudge is a right Biased Euro Cunt because
    A) Her parents called her Fenella Fudge WTF was that about ?
    B) Today she was telling us on the 'news' that Ireland was going to have another vote on the European Treaty because they voted " no" last time to a treaty that "simplifies decision making within the EU ".

    Gold Star Quisling Medal for that cunt.

  6. Re- banned Fenella Fudge "simplifies decision making within the EU " thats a new way of putting it,yes your right she is a cunt, and those other Radio two twats Steve Wright and his crew,always reading out txts from folks saying love the show blah blah, i txt them everyday telling them what BBC cunts they are but they never ever read my txts out.

  7. You was on yesterday frosty.

    Steve Wright " Txt here from a Mr. Frosty, 'Hi Steve, hating the show as always, you and the slags are all cunts like all the BBC, why don't you fuck off and die of cancer, slowly.'
    WoW. Cutting edge irony there Mr Frosty, as always, you heard it hear on Steve Wright In The Afternoooon BBC Radio 2 FMmmmm! , and now here's " Thriller " by Dead Michael.

  8. From HurlingDervish.

    Fucking Toynbee what an annoying gobshite cunt! she sits on a chair and it fucking disappears because her massive cunt flaps suck it up.
    She's a right mothers cunt that one.
    Fucking wooly liberal cunt that's trying to ruin this country while she fucks off to her Italian Villa. What about the carbon footprint of that then Toynbee you useless rich fucking smelly old cunt?