Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Martha Lane Fox

Martha Lane Fox is a last minute cunt.

Nominated by Captainff


  1. I must admit, I'm having to google to find out who some of these cunts are!

    This one included. She is a cunt though.

  2. Isn't this cunt in gaol or something ?

    Met Polic Commander Shaun Sawyer ( tough one GOT, Soz ) is an Inventing Problems Cunt.
    Todays Telegraph, not yet archived, lazy fuckers so no link.

    " Police Chiefs Fear Racist Attack By Far-Right Terrorists "
    Blah blah
    " Although it is understood that there is no specific intelligence of an imminent attack"
    ( As though the 'intelligence' on Moslem attacks were any fucking use )...
    Shaun Sawyer told a meeting of the Moslem Safety Forum..." I fear that they will have a spectacular... they will carry out an attack that will lead to loss of life in a community somewhere"
    That's right copper cunt, stoke up the fear.

    Just to keep it all multi culti, the Community Security Trust ( WTF ? Fake Charity Alert!!! ) notes "a significant increase on the number of threats or attacks on Jews, up to ten over the past ten years".
    All attacks on anyone are wrong but one per anum over the course of a decade does not another Kristallnacht make.

  3. Mr & Mrs Gladys Kinnock are a pair of Public Purse Pension Hoarding Cunts.
    She calls herself Glenys but we know the truth.

    "This website no longer existswww.glenyskinnock.org.uk -"
    How very sad.

  4. Couldn't agree more, banned, but I've already covered the Kinnocks. But hey, I could always do the money grabbing cunts again, eh.

    My blog, my rules ;-)

  5. That was before I found this blog, do the cunts again.
    BTW, did you relise that by callong this
    "... is a cunt " you go right to the begining of Favorites !

  6. Not just an ugly face then, eh banned ;-)