Friday, 6 April 2012

British Police

I nominate the British Police 'Service'.

On the continent our Gallic cousins pull all the stops out to catch muslim nutter of the month Mohamed Merah and within a few days corner and then quite rightly shoot the cunt dead, saving themselves the expense of a long winded trial and the cost of incarcerating the bacon dodging twat for life.

Meanwhile back in good old Blighty, 5 overweight bobbies completely fuck up the routine arrest of a scumbag product of Blair's Britain and allow themselves to be gnawed on by a small dog!

All the time being filmed on someone's mobile phone. Useless pen pushing, desk jockeying, red tape tying but nick you for doing 31 in 30 zone CUNTS!!!

Nominated by Occams Razor


  1. thank you so much for removing that humongous arse from immediate view when alighting upon this lovely site.

  2. cuntsable cuntbubble7 April 2012 at 12:54

    David Walliams is a creepy, pervy cunt.

  3. Cowardly fat cunts. They nick you for smoking OUTSIDE a railway station to meet their targets but shut all of Redbridge's cop shops in the coon riots. Whores 'n' cunts.

    AND stood around about 3 years ago while a bloke drowned in a river. So did fire 'n' rescue and ambulance crews. Elf 'n' safety cunts. Fucking cunts.

  4. Congratulations to Occams Razor for being the first person on this entire site to say something nice about the French.