Monday, 12 March 2012

Kate Garraway

Hairy hamster faced Kate Garraway is an early morning cunt, with faux sincerity oozing from every pore. Get your arse off that settee you cunt, go and get a proper job.

Might I suggest Asda checkouts? Or maybe you'd rather be a hairy faced dinner lady? I'm not bothered, just fuck off our screens at breakfast time, makes me sick up a bit of toast.

Nominated by Cuntankerous Hag


  1. Fucking good picture though. Good going ASE.

  2. I nominate everyone who reads this site.

    We’re all Cunts.

  3. I'd love to throw my dripping all over those big babylons.

  4. Yeah but the thing is - I looked at her one morning and imagined going over to her and fwacking ravaging her on that good morning couch. I had a similar feeling one morning when Denise Van Outen was sitting on a chair leg with her legs up, in tight jeans. I almost fell off the couch I was sitting to get to the record button, but unfortunately missed it.

  5. From Hurling Dervish

    Her old man is some Labour leftie cunt isn't he? either way, the cunt needs a fucking table leg taken ti his cunting head!!

    Nice wabs though.....

  6. She surley is a cunt with nothing decent to say,however if she begged me and i was off work that day i would probaly splatter her with a good helping of cock custard