Saturday, 10 March 2012

James McClean

James McClean, new found wonderboy at Sunderland is a contemptible cunt.
Happy to play for Northern Ireland at underage level, and avail of the opportunities to put himself in the shop window, this hateful little bollocks of a cunt gets his break and jumps ship to the Republic of Ireland.
..then abuses the IFA and the NI fans.

Fuck you, McClean, you slimy cunting load of dogshit.

(James in the kit he happily wore before he discovered his new found love for another country.)

Nominated by Jackie F

1 comment:

  1. Sir Limply Stoke11 March 2012 at 01:09

    While I am at it I must nominate Gregg Wallace of Master Cunt. The bald headed twat no talent just stands there dipping his dick in custard while waiting to collect his pay check. The man has no other purpose in life. Unfair? I have seen him wank into John Torode's mayo to stop it separating. Nah - he is a natural born cunt.