Monday, 16 January 2012


Countryfile (or is it Cuntriphile) is a boring, unnecessary programme about fields, tractors, beetroot, ducks, woods, farms, green-wellied conservation, sheep, more fields and general boring shit involving being out in wellies in the mud in grey, dismal, cold fields talking about cowsheds, hawks, combine harvesters, badgers, landrovers, plums, owls etc - as if Sundays weren't boring enough.

Makes you want to commit cuntricide.

This does not include John Craven though, he's just too boring a cunt to cunt.

Nominated by stressed to fkn haemorrhage point


  1. I nominate bleeding heart liberals who have complained to the BBC about Rastacuntingmouse! These twats have accused a fucking kids tv program of being racist and painting black people in a bad light! For fucks sake get a fucking grip you yoghurt knitting, sandal wearing bag for life buying cunts!

  2. pffffffffffffffff16 January 2012 at 21:27

    Ronnie 'Wootcher Farm Foods' Corbett - cunt. What's up, run out of money? Cunt.

  3. Does Cuntryfile have a view on windfarms?

  4. Rupert Murdoch is the ultimate cunt. He is Australian. I nominate him now his pants are down. Lets do the old dingo breath and make sure his last few years on this crappy world bite his leathery old arse.

  5. Country file is the biggest pile of shit on the box.
    It's got that x blue peter wingnut, that tubby borderline boiler blond bit Who was up the duff and the toothy horse who used to be on daytime tripe. Don't get me started on that boring fucking ginger nut farmer who's always going on about his rare breed fucking cows and chickens. Who gives a fuck about how farming has changed over the past 50 years and how hard it is for farmers these days. Don't make me fucking laugh. We've all seen your fucking 4x4 mate. Why the fuck would I want to see people with their arms up the arses of sheep or want to know anything about "problems in the rural community"?
    Fuck off you fucking miserable muddy booted, sheep shagging, hands up arses, tractor driving boring cunts.