Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sir Philip Green

Sir Philip Green is a money grabbing Jewish cunt! And has no worries about the present economical climate as he's stashed all his money that he's robbed of the tax payers in the Cayman islands!

So fuck Dixons,Curry's and all the stores he owns, I hope they all go under before Christmas!! money grabbing old cunt of cunts.
Nominated by EDDIE-F


  1. I tried to buy a £799.99 computer from this cunts Dixons company but on the second attempt they said I had "insuficient funds" on my "Dixons" store card, cheeky cunts. No I could not use their phone to call the card company since it was nothing to do with them, it was Barclays fucking bank.

    So I called Barclays Bank from a callbox on the fucking street who told me that the reason I had "insuficient funds" was because I had just bought something on it from DIXONS for £799.99!

    So I explained this to Dixons "Customer Services" stall who said it was nothing to do with them and would I stop raising my voice and go away.

    A phone call the following day dealt with the problem and I promptly fucked off to PC World to buy my comp. That'll sort out Dixons but it didn't because Sir Philip Green owns them too, the cunt.

  2. From Hurling Dervish

    Last cunt from me of 2011 would be, well would be......I'm actually lost for words with this fucking dog scrag end of a cunt.
    physical violence is too good for Jilly "I've had a starching proppa facelift and parts of my vulva have been put on my fuckin' ugly old crone boat"' Goolden.
    Pure rage courses through my veins whenever I catch this posh irritating voiced, self opinionated cunt on the telly. I have a homicidal urge to destroy. Anything.
    I would enjoy putting my size 11 foot in her diseased fanny with extreme prejudice once and for all.
    And if that other cunt John Burton Race got in the way, he'd fucking get it an all......

  3. You've just made yourselves cunts, he doesn't own Dixons or Currys, he owns Arcadia which is clothes. Stupid cunts.

  4. Banned, why dont you buy a mobile phone you stupid cunt ?

  5. I don't give a fuck which stores He owns ! He's still a cunt of the highest order ! So fuck you ANON ! your also a cunt

  6. He is Jewish and he may be a cunt but I feel to call him a "Jewish cunt" is not very kosher. Replace the word Jewish with Black and you sound just like John Terry. Do you want to sound like John Terry?