Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Clash

The Clash are cunts.

Yeah, right on, fucking rich boys playing radicals, with their designer punk clothes.

I wish that open topped cadillac had crashed and a bus had run over their fucking greasy heads.

The Cunts

Nominated by sandinista cool man yeah right-on baby


  1. I nominate Tesco, for this outrage ..

    And for the subsequent pathetic & weaselling attempts at excuse making ..

    Yet another good reason for not spending your hard-earned with them ..

    Utter cunts !

  2. And so do I.

  3. From Hurling Dervish

    As it's the season of good will I'd like to wish all you proper cunts a merry xmas and all that shit........but I can't because I'm a miserable arsehole cunt who's been exposed to too much fuckin' Adele this week and have a banging headache AND I have to work over the holiday, and can't get pissed up and fucking wankered, so you can all fuck off and go watch fuckin' Dr Who or something.

    Oh, and I hope your fuckin' IPad's, IPhone's or bloody IPods fucking break or don't work on Xmas day.

  4. Oh, and Tesco are fucking pricks!

  5. My good lady's Ex has just rocketed from being a fuckwitted twat to being a proper nasty cunt.
    He informed his 4 children that despite the fact they are spending Xmas day with him and his lazy wife, they will not be getting a proper Xmas dinner. Why? because they will be having one with us on Boxing Day.
    Instead they will be served a buffet lunch a la Iceland, cryogenically suspended treats inculding "Trifle slices" for fucks sake.
    Mind you he will be tucking into turkey on Boxing Day when his children have gone.
    Tight arsed miserable fucking cunt. A Merry Kerry Xmas to you Cuntface.

  6. Michael Buble is a perma grinned white toothed Canadian wank actor and shit singing type of Cunt.

    When he does his poncy dancing he looks just like a spastic Troy Tempest. Fuck off back to Canada you annoying Argie shagging bastard.

  7. cuntstable cuntbubble25 December 2011 at 18:12

    Has anyone one cunted Cilla fucking Black? If not, here we go;- What a fucking talentless harridan of a cunt. Did anyone from Liverpool ever talk like that or is that what living in the home counties for 4 fucking decades does? With a singing voice like finger nails scraping a blackboard and a face like a fucking gargoyle.
    Worra cunt.

  8. Hittite Chariotmaster26 December 2011 at 02:17

    Jesus that fucker sounds like a right fucking Scrooge type of cunt. His name should be Eboneezer. What a fucking tosser.

  9. stressed to fkn haemorrhage point26 December 2011 at 12:18

    Merry Christmas Ollie Burton

  10. Cunts From Topographical Oceans26 December 2011 at 14:53

    About time The Clash got a good cunting, remember this was a band who were part of the so called Punk revolution, where the older and better bands were called over indulgent yet this bunch brought out a triple fucking album like they were fucking Yes !

  11. Ollie Burtons Grandad26 December 2011 at 19:58

    Thank you very much stressed and best wishes to you for the rest of the festive season.
    Turning to the Miserable Fucking Cunt tho, it appears that he has a very bad case of IBS so with a bit if luck he will shit himself during his turkey dinner.
    Every cloud has a silver lining.

  12. The best rocknroll cunts in the world xx
    Lost cunt in the supermarket is pure cuntyness

  13. All punks are cunts!!

  14. 'CBS promote the Clash but it aint for revolution its just for cash' - CUNTS. They ceased to be punks after their first two albums. Sell-out cunts. Tommy Gun - wished they used one on themselves.
    And OBG is a legend!