Friday, 4 November 2011

David Cameron [10]

We should have a referendum on whether DAVID CAMERON is a cunt or not, but unfortunately the Fourth Reich loving cunt won't let us have one!
Nominated by Dioclese


  1. No need for a referendum, Dio ..

    The man (and I use the term loosely) is a spineless EU cock-sucking fucktard .. and a total disgrace ..

  2. Guy Verhofstadt is a slimy Belgian, who sits in the European Parliament thinking he is the dogs bollocks...except for one thing, he isnt, he is a cunt.
    ...also he looks like Ken from Citizen Smith, I liked Ken though, not that bastard. He also looks like every other Belgian on the planet, which means your children arent safe as he'd lock them in a cellar.
    Then kill them.

  3. DC is a cunty cunt, there's no excuse that Britain props up the EU with our own City money, fuck that!

    Fuck DC, even if he makes it to the 2015 elections the cunt'll never win a majority, again! yea... again!

  4. From Hurling Dervish

    ...and fucking dishing out our money to the fuckin' Scots as well as third world fucking dictatorships. This cunt is pulling us about by the hooter, winding us up like a nasty old pricktease and shafting our fucking pensions, state and private. What a fucking cherry bowl full of raging fucking hitler inbred dirty cunts. I'm gonna shit through the letterbox of my local conservative club. Cunt.

  5. Angela Merkel,Barge Arsed, Badger faced, Ice Fannied Teutonic Cunt.
    Spending her time and Germanys money to buy a new Reich. All that and she probably gives Cameron a good tug each time they meet. A proper sly Cuntmunter

  6. Cybermen, what a total bunch of Intergalactic Cunts. Scary? Myarse, fucking useless monsters of the first degree.
    Looked like the BBC grabbed the local pissheads, gave them some tins of special brew to neck down then covered them in tinfoil and stuck a hoover on their backs. Fucking rubbish spastic Cunts.

  7. David Cameron is obviously an absolute cunt and always will be....why is this even up for discussion? I predict many more nominations for this glowing cuntstick over the next three years up until the next general election (when clearly he will be fucked off out of it). I can't get anymore angry about this cretin, its not good for my blood pressure.

    New nomination:

    Kitty Brucknell is a freaky cunt


  9. From HurlingDervish

    Ricky Gervais is a plagiaristic, should be sued for nicking ideas of others, fat ex-new romantic eyeliner wearing, double chinned Simon Cowel look a like spastic, bum boy stephen marchant loving, Celebrity arse hole licking, as funny as a dose of tetanus, piggy eyed, penis faced, pot bellied fucking arse holing wanker cunt prick of the highest order. And, no cunt has nominated him yet so I fucking will. I wouldn't piss on your coffin, and I'd get more entertainment from watching fuckin' Dulux drying!
    fuck off Gervias you cunt!

  10. Failed Mail on Sunday and Sunday Times would-be political hack Simon McGee is a fat faced cunt who looks like that comedy cunt Michael Macintyre and acts like the cunting tv wine taster Olly 'cunt' Smith.

    Fuck me, three cunts all crammed into one person. No wonder his face is so cunting fat.


    photo here -

  11. Nicholas Sarkozy is an ungrateful French Cunt who spends his day sucking German Cock whilst telling his country's liberators, the Brits, to Fuck Off. Today on armistice day we remember those who were killed liberating his county TWICE from German occupation. Does he remember, does he give a fuck? No he is too busy setting up a new Vichy Government for the Fourth Reich run by Angela Mengle/Merkel. What a waste of British blood to allow a cunt like him to exist.

  12. Brodie Clark, what an untrustworthy,incompetant, sly, Vulcan eared, pointy chinned Cunt of the first order.
    Lets all the shit of the Universe into the UK but its not his fault. Remember the Whitemoor Prison Inquiry where you could not tell the truth? You lying bastard, lets hope you get royally butt fucked this time. Fucking Cunt.

  13. Robbie Keane.....hateful pisshole-in-the-snow eyed, diving, sly handballing, cheating, pleading for players to be booked, roll and fire an arrow fuckwitted spide, I've always supported every team that wants to sign me cunt

  14. From Hurling Dervish

    Actually, that piggy eyed Olly Smith was a good call Fcunt.
    The fucker even has his own website for fucks sake! It won't be long before the upper class knob end is fucking everywhere on the telly.
    Here's a few gems from his ego 'tastic website -
    Olly cooks.
    Olly loves animals.
    Olly can name all four Ghostbusters. Can you?
    Olly speaks French, Spanish, a nibble of German, and a tiddle of Indonesian.
    Olly’s favourite films are Time Bandits, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Condorman, Jaws, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Court Jester and The Empire Strikes Back.
    Olly is constantly learning to play golf.
    Olly is a devotee of several TV series which he watches while travelling in between gigs – Deadwood, Curb your Enthusiasm, Dexter, The Shield, The Wire, The Sopranos, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, The West Wing and Neighbours (between 1987 and 2004).
    Olly is a massive fan of cricket, rugby union and tennis.
    Olly sang as a chorister at King’s College Cambridge and won several music scholarships on the French Horn, as a singer, playing the piano and even the organ. Now he rocks out on guitar and roars his bellowing soft rock to the delight of all his neighbours.
    Olly is addicted to crack cocaine.
    Olly’s favourite composer is Ralph Vaughan Williams.
    Olly is the world’s biggest James Bond fan and can liberally quote all the movies and recognise most Bond soundtracks within five seconds.
    Olly has consistently called his friend Nick ‘Jack’ for over four years.
    Olly’s favourite place for breakfast is Bill’s in Lewes.
    Olly goes running. Sometimes as far as 10 inches.
    Olly goes fishing.
    Olly is a motherfucker who likes to play with his genitals in public and
    looks a bit like an albino labia.
    * the last one is true and all the others are complete bollocks taken from his cunting self flagellating website.
    What a fucking prize cunt pasty!

  15. "Occupy Exeter" bunch of wannabe cunts, here's their Blogspot homepage

    Go on, tell them what you think cunters.

  16. From Hurling Dervish

    Seth McFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad other boring shit) is a repetitive paedophile cunt.
    All his stories contain babies or really young kids. What a fucking nonce.
    Plus all the series he has a hand in are fucking shit, stereotypical, boring, as unfunny as an Eddie Murphy movie. The yanks don't even want his shit, so like the twats we are we end up paying for this shit out of our license fee only for it to end up on bloody channel BBC 53 or whatever graveyard shit channel it is.
    The prick probably costs me a fucking pack of fags every week.
    Rancid cunt.

  17. David Sexton is a nasty, authoritarian, control freak of a cunt with such a phobia of seeing so much as a wisp of tobacco smoke, let alone a smoker enjoying themselves, that he wants to shit on private property and ban smoking in the car you own and the house you call home. And then, because he's also a stupid cunt who hasn't thought about how happy it would make the smugglers, he wants to outlaw smoking altogether. He's a cunt, did I mention that?

  18. Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service group commander Paul Stewart is a murdering cunt.

    "The operation had a ‘successful outcome’"
    - Yeah, and the poor lady died, because a jumped up tosser started spouting 'Elf&Safety bollocks...

  19. Jools Fucking Holland, a two legged Hemorrhoid and a total Grade A Cunt. Ivory tinkling tosspot who is in dire need of a good fucking kicking
    His last show ranked a 9.7 on the Cunter scale, what a fucking annoying bastard

  20. david cameron is a cunt's cunt - a reptile with a suit on. This cunt could not be trusted to look after the contents of an empty fridge, let alone running the country. Also cunts are the arseholes who voted him in. I spit in your specific direction, hopefully with some shit from a recent chesty cough thrown in. Cunts

  21. Bernie Bolton facebook cunt, look at this blagging cunt in his No 1s with more medals than a russian general most of them are mong gongs.The bomb disposal badge on his arm, the nearest this cunt has been to an ied/eod is a bath bomb.He brought high explosive back from a TA camp when he was a QM at a SQN of 101regt in the boot of a vauxhall astra .The CO a stupid northern irish div gave him a slap on the wrist.Bolton blagged his way out where in other units he would have faced courts marshall .I am glad i was not on the motorway from Lancashire to Medway via the Dartford crossing that day if he had a crash in this unathorized transport of high explosive a lot of people would have died this is all recorded fact.To all civilians, dont think every soldier is a hero some are real cunts and not all cunts with a row of medals are Audie Murphy

  22. Forty imagrant children given 500000 pounds because they were traumatized trying to enter the country illegally poor cunts.A one eyed one handed muslin cunt who mi6 could not turn around lives high of the hog and is given thousands in benifits.I think the cunts name is katada now that milf of a home secretary is of on a jolly to Jordon just to make sure they dont hurt the cunt.loose your job and see how much help you get from those job centre wankers have a domestic with your missus and you will get some copper with a small cock and a big gun who lives with mum trying to kill you.All these politicians are oxon wankers.

  23. Guess who votes at election time,yes pensioners,watch out you conservative cunts

  24. Watch some chav pushing what was obviously a stolen motor bike down the road, ie he had no helmet and there was no key in the ignition, anyway had the youngun with me otherwise i would have taken it off him and called the police, anyway watched a police van that was stopped at the lights with more than enough time to spot him, and they just drove right passed, this country is a shambles, fucking idle police force that don't police, mean while Mr camron expects joe public like to to do something about this, what a stupid cunt, gets better my lass is expected to do a 24hr stint looking after immigrant inbred fuckers , for the same money she got for 8 hours, thanks very fucking much you cunt, countrys a fucking mess anyway so fuck labour and torry lets gets the lib dems in and fuck them both off.

    1. Viscount Rectum17 May 2012 at 22:12

      Why don't you wake up, the fucking police are not here for you see, they are social misfits who like to send innocent people to prison for kicks and protect war criminals like Bliar from justice, they are fucking criminals, liars, and cowards unwilling to protect children from Asian rapists in case the cunts were called racist, they are shit shit of the lowest order of humanity. The only people who use the clapped out word racist are fucking communists.