Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bruce Forsyth [2]

Bruce Forsyth has been a cunt for as long as I can remember.

Now Sir Bruce for services to mediocrity.

What a camp, talentless, consistent cunt.
Nominated by cuntstable cuntbubble


  1. Its about time this ancient banana chinned relic dug his own grave and died in it irritating ugly old cunt

  2. drives me up the fucking wall, the old bastard, fucking RETIRE and give some younger cunt a chance to irritate us. Just fuck off...........why do you think a former beauty queen married you, was it for your looks, do you think? Your wit? Your charm? Or your, just fuck off.

  3. He has been called a comedy legend but is neither, he is no more a comic than a genius.
    He is a pervert and that cannot be denied as well as being a racist and a homophobe, guess thats why he appeals to a certain type of viewer.
    What annoys me most about him is his constant banging on about being a song and dance man, he can't sing and he can't really dance, he just walks funny and idiots start laughing and hail him a comic legend.
    Also his obsession with that other fucking nonce Sammy Davis jr, he talks about him as though he was his brother, yet never mentions his actual brother who died in 1943.
    And theres more.
    His son Anton deck or whatever he is called, the one who dances and looks like bruce and has no mother or father "google show up no images of his supposed mother or farther, we are led to believe they both lived in some far away land and are not dead.. Its all like Alistair sim/George cole thing, claiming they were not related despite living and working together...
    Each day i pray for his death

    1. "Racist and homophobe". Well perhaps he's not that bad after all.

  4. Isn't he dead? Surely its a hologram we see on television.