Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Marcus Brigstocke [3]

Marcus Cunting Brigstocke - smug, smarmy, unfunny cunt of the first order. Wherever you look on the BBC, radio or TV, you get the same sort of up-my-own-cunt type of comedian of which Cuntstock is a prime example.And he's a 'Green' cunt - the worst type, the cunt!

Nominated by Anonymous


  1. Massive Cunt!!!

  2. One of the biggest. a piece of mouldy ryvita would be funnier

  3. From hurling dervish.
    I was looking to see if this titanic dribbling cunt was nominated anywhere only to find without any surprise whatsoever that he has been pitched up no less than 3 times (which is about minus the 3 million times that I would have expected) so a university education and early career in kids TV is the path to glory, then swathes of cunts should start lining up now. and he should get extra points for those fucking glasses. Cunt.