Monday, 16 May 2011

Russell Howard [2]

Russell Howard - so called "comedian" - is the most un-funny cunt I have ever turned off my telly for.
Everyone who thinks he's funny is a cunt too

Nominated by doddyschinstrap


  1. From Ashtrayhead:-

    Totally agree! Can't stand the wonky eyed unfunny cunt. I watched a couple of minutes of him once to see what he was like and he's just not funny. Like that fat cunt Michael Macintyre. I bet if I turn my tv on now and go to Comedy Central there'll be some cunt not being comedic! Well, fuck me! Two of them on different channels.....Dara O'Brien (tubby mick cunt) and Stewart Lee (who?)!!!

  2. Just another sad case of British tall Poppy syndrome, tragic!