Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Andy Murray [5]

Doesn't time fly? It's that time of year again to nominate the talentless, gurning couldn't-win-if-he-played-a-quadruple-amputee Andy Murray. Where does the British sporting establishment find these numpties?

Nominated by Blind Pugh


  1. "Where does the British sporting establishment find these numpties" ?

    Scotland ?

  2. Indeed.
    He is a soul-less, mummy's-boy of an unsporting, jockanese, Bartholin cyst-riddled cunt of the highest order.

    Google Bartholin cyst. Go to images. That's Murray, that is.

  3. killem - another bloody keyboard ruined.... and snot all over the screen too :)

  4. I am a moaning fuckwit and ask is it just me or does Andy Murray resemble the alien out of Predator when he gets his temper up on the court with his big square gob open - the losing CUNT.

    The only difference between him and Tim Henman is the Border region - "You can take our lives, but you'll never take Wimbledon"!

    Two CUNTS playing a puffy girls game - hit the ball over the net the first time you poncing CUNTS like you train to do!

  5. baldgingerbloke19 May 2011 at 22:04

    Andy Murray is a charisma bypassed, racket wielding useless cunt of a cunt. He should be shot in the head, live on television, by Sue Barker if he loses at Wimbledon this year, which he will. Sue, get your gun licence application in now.

  6. dont refer to that looser as british anymore. scotland want their independance and they can gladly have it, along with their useless tennis player. i'm sure the usless scottish can come up with their own tennis tournament and fill it with cunts like murray. we will keep our world class tournament in england thanks.