Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sir Paul Nurse

Having watched BBC's Horizon program ostensibly about the "lack of trust in science" but in fact a blatant propaganda piece for the the BBC's agenda of pushing catastrophic global warming Sir Paul Nurse is a scruffy would be man of the people but condescending cats-paw of a bastard fuck-cunt-fucker of a cunt, with a cunt chaser.

Nominated by Jack Savage


  1. James Delingpole outed this cunt for dissing him in that 'documentary'

    here Paul Nurse is a cunt 3,400 comments.

    and again today Paul Nurse, cartoon cunt

    and further reveals what Chris Evans thinks about global warming bollox here
    Climate change confused cunt

  2. Who is this wanker Nurse ? .. Never heard of him before reading this ..

    I further nominate this spineless knobber ..

    Imagine what it might be like to have someone like him "leading" you on the front line in Afghanistan ..

  3. A little more on this sad apology for a Copper ..

  4. Doesn't time fly? It's that time of year again to nominate the talentless, gurning couldn't-win-if-he-played-a-quadruple-amputee Andy Murray. He's in the process of being stomped on by some Dago or other in the Aussie Open. Where does the British sporting establishment find these numpties?

  5. Captain Haddock's nomination of Inspector Bollocks of Cambridgeshire Plod is hereby seconded.

    Whattock Hunt.

  6. How did this cunt get a knighthood??

  7. I would like to nominate Jeremy Cunt, sorry Jeremy Kyle for being a complete and utter exploitative bullying cunt. I can't believe the cunting cunt isn't on here already, surely it was built with him in mind, the freak bashing cunt.
    Cheers from Kev Kunt

  8. From Ashtrayhead:-
    I nominate Michael MacIntyre, the unfunny, podgy, pasty faced, mummy's boy, child scaring cunt

  9. I nominate the Deputy Prime Sinister, Nicholarse Clegg, who apparently can't work beyond 3pm. Must be the influence of his Dago wife, all them siestas and sangria means he's too exhausted to do a day's work. The lazy cunt.

  10. Barry Mubarak is cunt of the year for clinging on despite it being obviouse that he's been well and truly cunted by the gypos theirselves.

    Sending in his bullyboy thugs at the endgame is likely to get the cunt hung, Mussolini style, rather than a dignified retirement in Mecca.