Friday, 14 January 2011

Michael Gove

Michael Gove is a horribly wispy ridiculously overprivileged Tory bumhole, who has spent 25 years in a narrow Scottish windtunnel to achieve his worn in weathered sallow complexion, typical of the type of odious weasly cunt who would decimate the whole British education system without having a fucking clue of the consequences because he is a silly clueless never-worked-a-day-in-his-life-in-the-real-fucking-world jug-eared weaseled face of a cunt

Nominated by deadlaa


  1. But apart from that, what's with him?

  2. Ok, err..gonna defend the lad. The stats on teachers getting sacked is ridiculous when everyone knows most of it's drivel. Some of the stories about schools going mental are problematic and the NUT don't help anyone. National pay bargaining is clearly ridiculous.

    I've no particular view on Michael Gove, really, but if he's gonna pop the unions then it's good spectator sport. Is it a requirement to be a Scouser or some local knobhead to run a union? Uuurrgghhh...

  3. Er --- that was sarcasm lads. I'm not defending him. I think he's a waste of space!

    Anyway - nomination - after his performance with the Milipede this morning :

    Andrew Marr is a Milipede loving, rampant leftie cunt.

  4. Gove is a top cunt of the cunty order. I hate the cunt. He needs a swift kick in his bollocks, not just 5 times but ten.

    He's one of these cunts who thinks he knows better. He reminds me of that Rik Mayal creation Alan Bastard, only not a fraction as funny. I suspect he's related to Tim nice but dim and that other cunt 'Tory boy'. In short, I think he's a horrible Tory cunt who probably has dodgy undisclosed tendencies. What a giant cunt he is. I fuckin hate the bastard.

    That is all.

    God is great etc