Friday, 21 January 2011

Ed Balls [4]

Ed Balls is a fat, bullying, deaf-to-reason, self-satisfied, LONG-overdue-for-a-smack-in-the-mouth gobshite of a moronic cunt.

Nominated by Caratacus


  1. From Ashtrayhead:-
    Have we had Andy Gray yet, for being a tubby, loud mouth, 3rd rate in his day who now thinks he's right about everything, sexist cunt?
    And Richard Keys for being a hairy sexist cunt...

  2. How can Ed Balls have had so few nominations? I get excited imagining the sound of a massive hay-maker punch landing smack in his mouth, knocking his teeth down his throat and hearing the fat, socialist cunt choke to death on his own blood. The cunt.