Thursday, 23 December 2010

Vince Cable [2]

Vince Cable, erstwhile Secretariat Of BusyBodyNess and now shunted to the Sidings Of Shame is a naive cunt who is now saying the sting by the Telegraph has done "great damage" to the relationship between MPs and their constituents. 

No Vince, you are the one who has undermined any vestigial trace of trust between us commoners and you Great And Worthy Whores Who Will Do Anything For A Shilling, you cheap cunt. 

Nominated by Blind Pugh


  1. Fuck off Vince you coalition wrecking cunt; here's wishing you a shit Xmas and a worse New Year, cunt.

  2. He's fucking finished, the useless twatt - all he ever had was a mediocre joke - nicked from someone else! Wise? Potential Chancellor? Guru?..... Nah....... CUNT!

  3. Google is a cunt.
    Fucking black menu bar! Funking cunts!