Friday, 5 November 2010

Alan Sugar [3]

Alan Sugar has in his own words been sacked, 
oh and is a cunt with his lips firmly around 
Gordon Brown's tiny jock cock the cunt.

Nominated by Paul Goddard


  1. Chippy little ex barrow boy, now a Lord .. but still a cunt ..

  2. Met him years ago.

    He seemed like a nice fella - shame he's a total Nu Labour arse-licking cunt.

  3. Absolutely Right, a Cunt of the Highest order!!

    Says on hes last show Engineers do not make good buisnessmen???

    There are Hundreds of good Engineer Buisnessmen!!

    Try looking at James Dyson inventor of the Dyson Vaccume cleaner & MD of the company??

    You TIT Sugar!!!

  4. cuntstable cuntbubble17 June 2011 at 11:54

    You could tell from what shite Amnstrad was that this overblown lordcunt didnt have any use for engineers. The self regarding, great I am of a cunt.