Sunday, 12 September 2010

Police Sgt Mark Andrews

Police Sgt Mark Andrews is the Cuntiest of Police Cunts, 
who brings shame on himself, his family and the 
other sadistic, "Look at me! I'm just like Rambo" 
cunts in the Police Farce.

Let's just hope that someone bigger than him 

doesn't give his face a rub-down with a half-brick any time soon, 
the despicable cunt. 


  1. Perhaps he'll get that well-deserved rubdown with a half brick while he's 'inside'. One can only hope.

  2. The twat's out on bail, pending appeal.

    I'm beginning to think he won't serve a single day inside.

  3. How many 'normal' people get let out of gaol pending an appeal? CUNT!