Saturday, 4 September 2010

Cyril Smith

Cyril "Fat Cunt" Smith probably died of shame after watching 
Nick Clegg give William Hague a blow job. 
Either that or he choked on a bacon sandwich 
like Big Fat Mama Cass once did, the fat cunt. 

Nominated by Blind Pugh


  1. Hearse courtesy of Pickford's ??

    Good riddance .. Fat, gob-shite, Liberal perve ...

  2. Let's not forget that he was a paedo arse-bandit cunt too....

    All the fucking hypocrites lining up to lick the fat poofs fucking arse when they should have been kicking the cunt.

  3. I've just visited Ranty's barracks, and would like to nominate Ryanair's Michael O'Leary as a Cunt.

    He is the publicity seeking twat who suggested standing up accommodation in his planes, and now wants to do away with the second pilot to save money.


  4. I thought the fat old cunt died years ago.

    Nice link Houdini, especially the futher one to "postmanpatel". The behaviour described though was probably thought of as standard procedure at that time and in those places but the fact that Cyril chose not to sue RAP or Private Eye is very damning.

  5. Well you can't libel a dead person, so the papers should fill their boots, but will they with a Lib coalition in power? At the time he was fiddling with little boys being a poof was illegal, so he couldn't do anything but deny it, and being a fat cunt that couldn't do anything else losing his public teet would be disaster.

    Maybe it should come out.

    Do you think it telling that poofs like Mrs Dale didn't even mention his demise let alone offer their condolences? Do they know something is going to hit the fan? Maybe even been asked to comment?

    We'll see.

  6. Police Sargeant Mark Andrews.

    Cuntiest of Police Cunts, who brings shame on himself, his family and the other sadistic, "Look at me! I'm just like Rambo" cunts in the Police Farce.

    Let's just hope that someone bigger than him doesn't give his face a rub-down with a half-brick any time soon, the despicable cunt.

  7. Just been over the Guido 'Shit Staines' Fawkes blog for the first time in a long time, and fuck me would you believe it, he is STILL flogging the dead horse that is his revelations on Hague... Fuck me he is a thicko paddy cunt isn't he? I read some of the comments and the only one of not he came on was to say the bloke didn't need to come there. This from the fucker that in effect relies on people coming! What an arrogant cheesy knob the cunt is. Besides that, I then just out of interest looked down nearly 500 comments an could no more than ten that weren't anonymongs...his advertisers will catch on to that soon. Link to the fucker now deleted.

    Guido 'Shit Staines' Fawkes is a flog a dead horse because he is a too fucking stupid and dumb Irish cunt to see he has made himself look a total cunt, cunt.

  8. what about the convicted violent criminal & old man of 'love racism hate music'
    not so smug now the cunt when hes picking up dog shit out of parks every sunday morining -what a CUNT

  9. "Dave Hartnett, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Permanent Secretary responsible for tax sees no need to apologise let alone resign over the shambles he presides over.

    A weapons-grade utter cunt."

    H/T Ranting Penguin