Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Mick Giannasi

Mick Giannasi is a self-righteous, supercilious, fine-addicted,
overdue-for-impecunious-retirement cunt.
Nominated by Caratacus


  1. And he's a slaphead cunt in the making!

  2. Helen Mirren is a fucking shitty useless actress, initially only famous for sucking on Labour and IRA cock and getting her tits and twat out, vastly overrated cunt

  3. John 'Jailhouselawyer' Hirst, is a should be fucking dead by hanging, unrepentant criminal murdering cunt.

    He is most definitely in the Terry Cunt Kelly stable of people who need cunting and taking out in mass postings.

  4. Definitely seconded for that cunt Hirst. For killing that old woman with an axe he deserves to fucking fry, but even if he hadn't he'd still be a cunt.

  5. The taffy "who´s shoes are these boots " or " who´s coat is that jaacket"?
    i´ll get my bow and quiver and get the cunt on a sunday dinner time!
    "I left my push bike outside the chipshop and when i got back!
    There it was gone?"

  6. I'd like to nominate Davina McCall as a irritating, empty headed, droning on and on, overhyped vacuous cunt who hosts the Big Brother house full of total cunts.

  7. Here ASE, is the original paper report, for you and anyone else interested in this utter scumbag who has never held a job and doesn't pay rent now, or for his computer etc. etc. etc. He does fuckall and gets it all given to reintegrate him into society.

    Utter cunt that should have swung.


  8. Hirst looks like a candidate ripe for the pit to me. Have just read what he did - murdered his landlady with an axe because she asked him to bring in the coal and then made himself a cup of coffee while she bled to death. Unreal!

  9. Oh and while we are at it : Everytime I see that stupid fat bastard curly moustachioed amazingly irritating singing cunt off the Go Compare advert I want to rip off my leg and beat myself to death with the soggy stump, the cunt.

  10. Well Nick, that isn't the half of it with Hirst. He is completely unrepentant and said she deserved it, even now!

    He's also a big cheese, relatively speaking, with prisoners rights and has been since he won a minor victory with the help of those cunts in the european court of justice using human rights legislation; he thinks he's a professional lawyer now because of it. His blog is widely read and of course you get your various hangers on who want to be the pal of a murderer, though of course he will tell you he wasn't found guilty of murder but manslughter.

    He should be cunted at least, if not get GOT on the case completely, but he will be a hard faced cunt and come to gloat how he beat the rap eventually and fuck the little old lady whose only crime was to give up her bed to him, but hey, he doesn't have to say sorry because she deserved it...isn't that right Hirst? You cunt.

  11. Stephen Hawken is a superior, smart arsed, Davros the Dalek lookalike cunt

    (I'd put him down as evil and burn him, but that's Davros not Hawken, the cunt)

  12. Well nominated. The only problem is he retires he will retire with a big pension, probably. The greasy pole climbing supercilious ugly can't control his own stormtrooper thug fuckwit yokel plod cunts. The cunt.
    Sister Eva

  13. Lord Justice Eady is an injunction-granting cunt.

  14. John Barrowman seems like a thoroughly nice boy and a very good all-round entertainer.
    Shame he's a shit-stabbing, queer-as-a-nine-bob-note cunt.

  15. What is he? A Chicago cop? A sabotaged inverted Brazilian? An overly enthusiastic pish flap sucker who couldn't wait for the Brazilian wax and crack to be completed? Or a badly tonsured fuckedwitz?

    What is he?

    I nominate Kirsty Common Purpose Wark.

  16. And now, AND NOW, AND-FUCKING-NOW the stupid over-paid over-fed holier-than-thou I-know-best cunt is suggesting that the operation of speed cameras should be 'outsourced' to private companies.

    He really hasn't got a fucking clue, the talentless CUNT.