Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Richard Bacon [2]

Richard Bacon is a 5 Live, shouty, annoying, piss poor,
radio presenting, coke head of a cunt.
Nominated by Gildas The Monk


  1. Thank you ISACUNT
    My life is now almost complete

    Gildas the Monk

    PS If I could work out how to do my Google account and sign in properly I would!.
    I nominate my self as a useless techo-phobe stupid cunt!
    G the M

  2. Gildas

    We don't do self nominations but if you're really desperate I'm sure someone will oblige. Although the way things stand, I'd ignore them anyway ;-)

    btw, I think you have to have a gmail account these days, to be able to have a blogger id.

  3. Super Mega Ultra Cunt