Saturday, 24 July 2010

Financial Services Authority

The FSA are a bunch of heads up their collective arses
who could not regulate a bowel movement in the toilet cunts.

Nominated by Paul Goddard


  1. Dale is a cunt, not Ian
    Dale, Dale Winton who has been clogging up BBC Radio 2 all fucking week standing in for Stever Wright In The Afternoooooon with his banal poofery and yet still there with his own 'show' this Saturday afternoon, cunt.

  2. Piers Morgan is a cunt of olympiad standards, if god had broadband he would nominante the cunt. For publishing fake torture pictures he should have been locked in the Tower for treason instead the pompous fat cunt is leering at the nation on some cuntfest TV programme. Contemptable cuntsack.

  3. Boatang & Demetriou are whining little cunts.

    But they won't care that everyone thinks they're whining little cunts.

  4. David Cameron is a dhimmi, Israel-hating, Obama-lite cunt. Never thought I'd say it but thank fuck the French are there to keep the Turks out.