Tuesday, 4 May 2010

UAF [3]

UAF are retarded, Communist, smelly, hypocritical,
unwashed morons, who shout abuse at kids and
mums on a family St. Georges Day parade in Brighton, cunts.

Nominated by caz


  1. UAF are all cunts. They should fuck off back to their bedsits and wank over pictures of Lenin. and Marx. Unwashed cunts off our streets Unwashed cunts off our streets

    Fuckin studenty type cunts

  2. Gerry Gable is a burglarising, opponent- smearing communist cunt who has perverted 'anti-fascism' to promote his own communist agenda while selectively ignoring Islamofascists and denying the right to freedom of speech to anyone he doesn't agree with. Anti- British, undemocracatic, fascist cunt.


  3. They are all cunts who have either never taken a bath, or unemployed drop out retards who invent a fictional world to make themselves feel important.