Saturday, 3 April 2010

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is a dodgy tendon cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous here.


  1. Captain Haddock3 April 2010 at 10:27

    Scouse cunt more like ..

  2. Captain Haddock3 April 2010 at 11:40

    JAMIE OLIVER is a Thick-lipped, Lisping, Estuary-English speaking cunt ..who seems to believe that he and he alone invented healthy eating .. Silly cunt

  3. Yes and lets not forget that Richard Branson is a Yes-signing spaceship of a cunt.

    Then there's Yoko Ono who is a talentless cunt and Richard Dawkins who's a leering old villian of a cunt.

  4. Tory Bear is a cunt for trying to deny people the right to make their own rules for their own house, the utter cock sucking illiberal cunt.

    What next? He might like to support the next cunt that comes up with banning smoking in your own home or car, or even worse.

  5. Jamaal from the Radical Muslim blog is undoutedly a weapons-grade cunt.

    But to use G.O.T.'s own description in the nomination, he is a "Bin Laden loving, pig shy, dog hating, Sharia scumbagging, lice infested beard wearing, bomb the fuck out of any fucker that doesn't agree with [him], graveyard raping mosque building, islamic arsewipe" of a cunt.

  6. Craig Stevens who presents that Challenge Jackpot on late nite cable telly.

    An irritating cunt who baffles me into how the fuck the cunt ended up even doing that on telly?

  7. Lennie Henry and Dawn French are two obese talentless cunts who deserve cunting for wasting paper and ink so the world can be told via the tabloids that their marriage has gone titsup. Who gives a galloping fuckety fuck?

  8. Could I please nominate Jeremy Clarkson? Now I've come to the end of my reign I'm trying to drag down some of the people who've been so nasty and damaging to me over my Premiership.

    Thanks in advance.



  9. Can I, in response to that, request that Gordon Brown be cunted all over again?

  10. Don't know if we can cunt a liquid, but...

    The price of petrol and diesel is an absolute cunt at the moment. A bloody expensive cunt too.

  11. Sid Waddell is an unintelligible, shouting Geordie cunt.
    And he wrote Jossy's Giants which was shit.
    The cunt.

  12. Oh, that was so unfair of you. I have done nothing to deserve all of the bad press I received and I expected fairer treatment from you, just as I have treated you so fairly over the years.



    PS great day's cunting there

    :-) << unnecessary smiley

  13. Gordon Brown is a one eyed, slack jawed, gurning , suit wearing, tree hugging, Euro loving Scots cunt.

  14. Lord Chris Smith is a sweaty, fat faced, virus infected, shit stabbing cunt.