Monday, 26 April 2010

Nick Knowles

Nick Knowles is an ubercunt.
Nominated by Fidothedog


  1. complete rissole

  2. The most insincere cunt on TV. If my house was falling down I would never call this cunt. What a massive cunt.

  3. Nick Knowles is an egotistical jerk off. I saw him in person this week, he looks nothing like his photos online. He's got a fat gut, yellow teeth and has the face of a monkey. He's got Mid-Life crisis syndrome being that he is dating his friends daughter who is 23. He was nice to our face but turned around and talked shit under his breath as if we did not here. He makes money of other peoples downfalls, pretending to be doing something for the community, Ya he's a big sloppy cunt!