Monday, 29 March 2010


YorkshirePudding accidentally *cough* strayed on to isacunt
(Eh? Looking for something possibly? Curse those search engines!)
and is a humourless telling-us-off-for-naughty-words cunt.

Nominated by caz and a hint from The Grim Reaper


  1. I didn't explicitly nominate him as such, but that's your call.

    I'm sure there's another devastating riposte coming up from the man who called us all "nachtkrabblers" soon enough, though...

  2. Oh yes, and he seems to have been deleting our comments on his blog. In typical socialist style, the way he deals with views that conflict with his own is to simply pretend they don't exist.

  3. I'll take your name off if that wasn't intended as a nomination, Grim, but caz's was cast-iron so his shame stands:)

    Yes, his traffic must have shot through the roof this weekend and he's been manfully pressing the delete button with the force of a well-struck 3-iron.

    He's got a marvellous non-explanation of events on his site that "one day he might explain the influx of strangers" to them. That's, no doubt, after he explains to his boyfriend how he ended up surfing to and commenting here.

  4. I did attempt to explain to his readership what our presence was all about myself, but he deleted that too.

    Ah Socialists...Don't you just love em?

  5. Oh well, there's another blog for me to add onto my RSS feed.

    I think I'll stick it in the "More boring than watching paint dry" category.

  6. The Grim Reaper said...

    I didn't explicitly nominate him as such, but that's your call.

    I've been reading some of his blog, and believe me GR, he is a cunt anyway. Sounds like an RE teacher or other such shite.

  7. Houdini said to me: "I've been reading some of his blog, and believe me GR, he is a cunt anyway. Sounds like an RE teacher or other such shite."

    Oh, I'm denying his cuntishness - far from it. I'm just saying I didn't explicitly make the nomination. I just hinted to others that there might be a cunting in there. Which there certainly was.

    Whether that makes me culpable or not is for the authors and the readers of the blog to decide.

  8. Captain Haddock30 March 2010 at 10:29

    Ahhh .. well, the cunt is from Sheffield (People's Democratic Republic of South Yorkshire) .. what else can you expect ? ..

    So his nomination is well & truly deserved ..

    And that comes from a real & "proper" Yorkshireman .. one from the West Riding .. Lol

  9. Yorkshire Pudding's Gimp30 March 2010 at 14:05

    But maybe the word "cunt" is offensive?

  10. The news of his cunting did reach him via a now deleted comment.

    An anonymous (not me, I might add) commenter has been back to visit him. He deletes comments from anyone with a name.

    The cunt.

  11. "It may be Tuesday, but Yorkshire Pudding is still a humourless cunt."


    Just for the record, I've spent the best part of my life in Sheffield - please don't tar us all with the same brush!

  12. Tony blair is a tango-ed, slimy, lying, warmongering/profiteering, 'oooh look at me saving the Labour party aswell as the Middle East', doesn't give a fuck about the recession he caused cause he makes £20m a year cock-waffling at la-de-da functions, George Bush's Poodle CUNT. (see if u can get a screen shot of his speech today, cause if you get it just right, it'll say 'A future fail' behind him!!)

  13. Sheffield is the only place where I have ever spent the night in Police cells (if you count 3am-7am as The Night) so they are all cunts in my book.

    (Aquitted btw).

  14. Isn't Sheffield the place where David Blunkett was leader of the council and put a red flag up on the council offices? It was called the peoples republic of Sheffield then, and I bet cunts like YP were wanking their knobs off while staring at the red flag.

  15. Captain Haddock30 March 2010 at 19:50

    "But maybe the word "cunt" is offensive" ..

    If SYP (South Yorkshire Pudding) thinks so, then he obviously is unfamiliar with the etymology of the word ..

    Here's a helping hand ..(God knows, South Yorkshire needs all the help it can get)

    A City (Sheffield) which can spawn such utter twats as Roy Hattersley (I'll never forgive the fat fuck for taking away the Royal Navy's Rum ration .. thus ending hundreds of years of tradition) ..

    And which can elect TCB (That Cunt Blunkett)for Parliament (Oh, He of the "Chocolate Bobby" PCSO's) ..

    Has to inspire some serious doubts about its collective sanity ..

  16. Barry Sheerman MP is a bike hating, sum sucking pig and spawn of satan cunt, the cunt.

  17. I would ask you to cunt Delroy Smellie, but it's too late for that, so now I'm INSISTING that you do.



  18. Scroll down 8 Cunts, Uncle Marvo.

    Your Cunt has already faced his accusers.

  19. Can't you just cunt him again?

    But thanks anyway.

  20. from HurlingDervish.
    Good call on Blunkett, probably get told off for that though because he's a fucking Joe 90 blind as a bat, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder following blind leftie cunt who inflicted the worlds most useless fucking bunch of cunting public servants ever in history, in the shape of fucking lazy inadequate PCSO's on us. And because he's still bleeding the country dry due to his massive Police 'Protection' costs for guarding the useless cunt in case he wanders into his garden fucking pond by mistake. But I like the idea of this soggy Yorkshire Puddin' being nominated for one reason and one reason alone, because he's a fat, chair bound, pen pushing, real man's work avoiding, socialist truth dodging cunt for all seasons. Actually, that's about 6 reasons but fuck it! he's still a cunt.