Thursday, 4 March 2010

Pick Your Own

A dead farmer, a mad policeman and a herd of nervous cows.
Looking for a cunt? Take your pick.
The fireman's probably the only one who isn't.

Nominated by Uncle Marvo


  1. Simon Cowell is a full of himself complete cunt.

    And Oprah Winfrey is a cuntox of a cunt.

  2. Brilliant day's cunting there, cunters.

    Most gratifying to see.

    I suppose the Grumpy Old Twat's been too busy to do the Marcellus posters yet?

  3. Something for the weekend, from Dick's site:

    There's Hairy, there's Rumpy, and there's Corbett too.

    Surely at least Corbett needs a good cunting.

  4. Oh, I almost forgot, Amy Winehouse is a sleazy Camden crackskank of a cunt. Just so you know what I really think.

  5. Merthyr Tydfil needs a cunting as the worst shithole in Wales.

  6. What a bunch of wankers - more interested in fondling their hoses for suggestive calendars than doing anything useful. Also happy to stand by after a woman fell down a mineshaft in Scotland, leaving her there for several hours due to 'health & safety' - she eventually died.