Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Family Pets

Headline in the dead tree edition of The Times today above this picture.
"For Two Days I've Been On The Street. I Haven't Eaten"

Haven't eaten? You're holding a fucking chicken, you cunts.

Nominated by AllSeeingEye


  1. Kill the chicken, problem solved. cunts.

  2. Exactly. Hungry -> chicken -> eat -> not hungry.

    As a bonus, you get the fun of picking new name for the replacement pet.

  3. I very nearly wet myself at this.
    When I say nearly ......

  4. Have you got a source for this picture/story?

    I'm interested.

  5. Marvo, this picture came from the Times website where it was used on a similar story, but not the one that this post relates to. This picture was used in the printed edition to illustrate the story/headline in question.

    That's the reason I said "dead tree" in the post and didn't put a link...to be specific, the article and newspage is laid out like that on Page 3 of the Madrid-printed international edition on the 2nd March.

    For other dead-tree versions your mileage may vary. Scanned copy available upon request and if I can be arsed to find the power supply for the scanner.

  6. I'll go through the recycling for the DT Times this week, save you looking out the power lead. You could always unplug the kettle for five minutes.

  7. If only it had been as simple as the kettle...it's one of those specific adapters which is only useful for the one thing.

    Anyway, should have looked for it ages ago so thanks for the nudge. Either leave an email addy here or contact me at allseeingeyeblogAthotmailDOTcom and I'll email you the scan.