Friday, 19 March 2010

Bill Gates

Uncle Marvo's just bought a Mac and its now clear to him.
Bill Gates is a cunt.

Nominated by Uncle Marvo


  1. Charlie Whelan is another peoples millions wasting on Labour, cock sucking socialist cunt.

    (anther how did we miss the fucker before?)

  2. Uncle Marvo is an expensive, now x86 compatible, just as buggy and unreliable as a PC, MAC buying cunt


  3. As he's a local to these 'ere parts, I'm going to give Uncle Marvo a chance to defend himself before his cunting.

    Got to say, though, it's a good call. GOT is unlikely to agree with me.

  4. Where the fucks Rab? I was sure that he'd over here nominating John Mann M.P.

    Fuck, I'll do it...

    New Labour fuckwit, John Mann, is a thin skinned, authoritarian, libel threatening, greedy, selfish, trough loving cunt of epic proportions.

  5. For the dead pool as well, I want to nominate Kirk Douglas. At 220 years old he can't have much longer left.

    In fact, Kirk Douglas is a 300 year old looking and maybe is, crumbly cunt.

  6. Disgusted of Heathrow20 March 2010 at 10:18

    BA Cabin Crew are a bunch of overpaid, primadonna, overinflated sense of their own importance, useless Cunts.

  7. I nominate Baroness Dean - she was once called Brenda Dean and headed up SOGAT.
    This was the mob that caused all the trouble at Wapping when the Sun moved their printing.
    She is now criticising Ashcroft for donating to the Tory Party.
    SOGAT became SOGAT 82 which became AMICUS which then became - yes, you guessed it, the biggest donor to the Labour Party - UNITE.
    I thank you.

  8. Got to say, though, it's a good call. GOT is unlikely to agree with me.

    TheEye is, of course, correct. I started using them about 20 years ago, when I was in 'advertising' and still swear by them now, as my blog contents will testify. However, I would be lying if I said I've never had problems. Each to their own, I guess, but the 3 I'm currently using seem to suit me just fine ;-)

    BTW, this blog saw it's 50,000th hit today, since it first started in July of last year. Many thanks to all the cuntees and cunts that have joined in the fun and, of course, to my cunter in crime...The Eye.

    Keep on cunting you cunts!

  9. weyman bennett and martin smith BOTH arrested today for conspiract to commit violent disorder!
    hope those big lads in the prison shower are gagging for a nice pair of fat juicy CUNTS.
    well done those coppers.

  10. Father Brendan Smyth - a serial child-abusing cunt. Who also looks disturbingly similar to Satan, in my eyes.

  11. Archbishop Cranmer is an irritating, Catholic-hating cunt.

  12. To be fair, Anon, it was on this day in 1556 that the blogger's namesake was burned at the stake. That'd piss most people off.

    Okay, it'd probably annoy the original one more than the blogger, but it sort of excuses the combined irritability.

  13. I haven't had the McLong yet.

    It hasn't broken so far. /I only bought it to do some iPhone app dev wk. They have me over a barrel. And it is only a McBook, not a McBig. John Lewis. Two year guarantee, if you don't smoke.

    I like it. Cute, works, quick, makes nice noises.

    When it gives me grief I will be back to give someone else a cunting though.

    BTW, thanks, cunters, for the cunting.

  14. Tony Woodley is a cliche-parrotting, champagne-swilling, cadaverous-looking union gobshite dinosaur of a '70s socialist cunt of the highest order.

  15. The Grim Reaper is a cunt.

  16. She looks like she's a suer23 March 2010 at 13:05





    Thank you in anticipation of your kind co-operation.

  17. The Grim Reaper is a weapons-grade cunt.

  18. @Anon re Reaper:

    I sense that he may have recently pissed in your kettle. It happened to me once, a while back, and I know how you feel, if that helps.

    No, I don't suppose it does. But you're not alone.

    And yes, he is a gold-plated, weapons-grade, indiscriminate fuckpig of a cunt of the lowest water.

    From me, her sister, and her mum.

    So do post him up, cunters. Post him up high.

  19. The Grim Reaper is an utter cunt.

  20. A few nominations for myself, I notice. All of whom seem to hide under the cloak of anonymity, thinking they would avoid getting scythed by myself by doing so. Nice try, I suppose.

    The Reaper is a very divisive sort of figure, and that's to be expected. However, I serve a very useful feature. If everyone lived forever, can you imagine how horrible the world would be? A world where Gordon Brown would never die - do you really want him to be in charge for the next 600 years? Six centuries of him picking his nose, throwing mobiles around and repeatedly bankrupting the country? Is that what you want? Because that's what would happen if I wasn't around!

    I don't consider myself a cunt, but many probably do. I'm just glad I don't have to judge this one.

  21. Leave your nomination, and the reason why...

    So, under the rules, no valid nomination has yet been received for the hooded one.

  22. Quite.

    And then there's rule 1 of 2:

    1. If you want to comment anonymously, that's fine, but make up a name you lazy cunts or we probably won't be arsed to cunt your cunt.

    I thank you.

  23. I wasn't anon. I cunted the REAL reaper.

  24. and I second Marvos cunting, and I'm not an anon either.

    Stop fucking about and cunt the cunt, you cunt.

  25. ...and then there's rule 2 of 2:

    2. Our blog, our rules so we will decide who has enough cuntitude to deserve a good cunting.

    I know.
    I can be a right cunt at times.

    Doesn't mean the scythe wielding cunt won't be cunted though ;-)

  26. Russell Howard is an unfunny, yet stupid cunt.

  27. Erm... moving the topic on away from this hooded, scythe-wielding cunt, are we allowed to cunt a whole group of people under the rules?

    In case we are, here's my nomination. I think hippies are a bunch of useless, pot-smoking cunts who listen to crap music.

  28. The Grim Reaper, you cunt; you failed to mention in your hippy cunting that they are smelly, have hair that's only good for burning and wear crap clothes, the cunts.

  29. Hippies are a bunch of stinky, crap clothes-wearing, useless, pot-smoking cunts who listen to crap music and have hair that's only good for burning.

    Happy now?