Monday, 22 February 2010


Sting is a playing a concert in a despotic shithole
where the president boils people to death, cunt.

Nominated by Fidothedog


  1. Hold on, what's wrong with that? I can think of a few fuckers I'd like to boil.

  2. He'd be okay if the President had used the nominations on this blog as his starting list.

    But he ignored our ideas, which makes them both cunts.

  3. Going on the pretext all for one and one for all, and as Weyman Bennett has been nominated as an odious cunt, I here-by declare that his Marxist sidekick Martin Smith also has the capacity to be a Comrade amongst cunts.

  4. Roy Hattersly should be boiled in his own spittle the cunt.

    1. his jowls wobbling as they bubble away

  5. Actually I think Stink needs to be called a cunt again for looking a fucking twat cunt with rubber ducks in the bath, the cunt.

  6. From HurlingDervish.

    I think he should always remain a cunt for shacking up with that cunt wife of his. What a fucking bitch she is! and of course his inexcusable cuntish fucking music which has given me GBH of the ears in the past, in fact I should fucking press charges against the bleached tantric sex loving fuckcunt! stick that in your cosmic pipe, cunt!

  7. What could be more comforting on a snowy winter's night than sitting by the fire, hunched over one's laptop, perusing the cunts.........ah, here's one! Fancy playing with ducks - he sounds like fucking Donald Duck. Cunt.