Saturday, 16 January 2010

webuyanycar are annoying advertising cunts

Nominated by HeadsonPoles


  1. Fucking ace, a well deserved cunting, along with the Halifax adverts set in some wanky radio studio. Cunts.

  2. I fucking hate these cunts. I was out and about last week and the cunting advert came on to the TV in the cunt's house I was at.

    Nauseating beyond belief. That fucking song drove me fucking mad for the rest of the day.


  3. Not only are their adverts really fucking annoying. If you get a quote from them to buy your car, they come in at around 30% of the actual value of the vehicle (Thieving cunts) Like all the low life that advertise on the fucking TV these days (Bingo, Money lenders, etc.) They're cunts of the fucking first order.