Saturday, 30 January 2010

Harriet Harman [6]

Harriet Harman is bad driving, over privileged,
minge faced, minging cunt.

Nominated by Morgan


  1. You left out 'gummy'. Unless that's just her false teeth slipping.

  2. You left out "ginger hating" which is ironic given what a pro-diversity cunt she is.

  3. Liam Fox is homosexual that is what he is afraid of, his Scots Calvanist background cries out athema.Just come out of the closet and join the backbench public school bum boys of the tory party Iam a ex Kent fireman and bisexual though i have never come out so liam we are both still in the closet cunts Dave Taylor Hoo St Werburgh Kent

  4. Harman is a hideous winged harpy cunt. She's that fucking big eared ugly cunt Blairs mate, she's a derelict, dufus, droog, doormat, bonehead, gimp, idiot, dimwit, ostrogoth, dribbler, fool, pea brain, pillock, stool pigeon, visigoth, numpty, spanner, greaser, tit, dweeb, hypocrite, commie, leftie, simpleton cunt.... and that's just for starters. Fucking ugly mug CUNT.