Monday, 14 December 2009

Michelle Obama [3]

Michelle Obama is a bling thieving,
boob belt wearing cunt

Nominated by Snarky Basterd


  1. Blair Peach was a lefty agitator cunt and police baton tester that went looking for trouble, and found it.

    The cunt.

  2. Mr Lumumba Stanislaus-Kaw Di-Aping (wtf!) is a shameless, sponging, klepto, third world cunt who needs a foot in his ringpiece.

    This fucker wants us to fund third world kleptocracies to the tune of myultiple £100 billions to "mitigate the effects of climate change". And the snot gobbler agrees.

    Is it just me or ...

  3. George Michael is a drug taking, middle aged stranger in public toilet cock sucking, BBC sycophancy should be banned utter cunt.

  4. Univerersal truth. They are all C.U.N.T.S

    And a leading cunt is the cynical , warmongering supporting bastards in the labour party. Who through grace and favour , abandoned every principle they ever had.

    A bunch of war appeasing, troughing C.U.N.T.S.
    TONY BLIAR, Mandelson and Brown, the true axis of evil.

    The media. A bunch of blogger hating , in fear for their jobs , politician appeasing knob jockeys and jockets.

    How many deaths have they created through their stupidity and complicity?

    Happy xmas :-)

  5. Is it wishful thinking,or does she look like she's being restrained.I wonder if theres a pole behind her back stopping her from falling over.Either way,she's a CUNT.

  6. The milky bar kid is a young pedo style annoying glass wearing cunt in need of a cunting, the cunt.

  7. Alistair Campbell is the cuntiest of cunts. Why? Because it's Christmas, and I begrudge the cunt one iota of peace and goodwill. Lying cunt.

  8. ...if you can put his cuntedness up on Christmas Day, I would be eternally grateful knowing that somehow, just somehow, the cunt's day would be fucked up by his own cuntishness, and that one of his mate's had said,

    "Hey Ali. Happy Christmas. By the way, seen this? On this most wonderful day, the whole world thinks you're a cunt of the highest order".

    The unwanted abortion of a bullying, scotch cunt. Sorry, Rab, but fuck me, he is one cunt.

  9. That's how ridiculous she dresses at state funerals in respect of dead military people who protect her and her husband - yet she can't even show decent respect by dressing appropriately to honour and show respect for them. Otherwise she's a champagne-socialist feeding off the public and always has been a tax sucking k*nt like her gangster husband who used intimidation and violence against voters at polling places and threatens to remove military bases from any state where senators won't vote for his party's bills in Congress, harm the little people and the taxpayers in order to get what he wants politically, a Machiavellian k*nt like his wife.

  10. I nominate Michael Foot for not being dead yet.

  11. Sorry Screech but I can't possibly cunt yer wife's shopping habits, I guess you'll have to send her out on her own next time ;-)

    Alastair has been duly cunted today and has also been scheduled for a re-cunt at 5 mins past midnight, Christmas morning.

    It can't hurt to cunt the cunt twice more, eh ;-)

  12. Michele Pennypacker is a cunt!