Thursday, 5 November 2009

Philip Laing

Philip Laing, the man who thought it would be fun to take a piss on a poppy wreath, is a disgusting cunt.

Nominated by The Grim Reaper


  1. You've even given the picture a suitable new name. It's nice to know so much thought goes into cunting these people!

  2. He's been on work experience with the Army too. Well he's really blown his chances now, pink undercracker wearing cunt.

    I nominate the husband and wife team of Brian May and Anita Dobson.
    Brian loves himself so much he got married to the closest thing he could find to his own reflection.
    I wonder how long it takes them to get ready on a night out, fucking curly haired lookalike cunts.
    Shit guitarist shit actress shit fucking hairdo.

  3. David Cameron is lying, bollocks-spouting cunt!

  4. David Dimbleby is a biased BBC liebour luvvie cunt

  5. Cut his fucking dick off,then send it to the lads in Afghanistan,so they can use it as a mortar to fire at those ugly fucking Taliban.How cool would that be,to see 100 Taliban,with their mouths open,fighting eachother for a bit of white cock flying thru the air.

  6. Try:

    7 Downes Close Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 3DW

    (01625) 439722

    Unfortunately this might be out of date, from the Express: "Mrs Laing and her husband Robert sold their family home for £385,000 last month."

    His mobile is: 07964 098345.

    Go get him.

  7. Genuine or not, publishing his address and phone number, and worse, that of his parents, is considerably sicker than anything he's done.

    Anonymous: try humanity sometime, you might find it's a nicer place. Alternatively, pray to whatever you hold dear you don't make a mistake...*ever* - you sadistic bastard.

  8. Philip Laing, Rotherhead Drive (sorry, number unknown), Macclesfield

    07964 098345
    (01625) 439722


    His mother is called Kathleen and is an optician working at Aarons Opticians of Stockport, 0161-480 4307. 46 St. Petersgate Stockport Cheshire SK1 1HL.

    E-mail address:

    These details were found online, so it's all public domain.