Thursday, 12 November 2009

Phil Woolas

Phil Woolas - even Joanna Lumley thinks he's a cunt.

Nominated by The Penguin


  1. Apologies for my lack of nominations recently. Have been busy with a lot of other things, so not been able to request as many cuntings as I would like. To make up for it, here's a few nominations:

    (1) Hugh Hefner, the man in charge of Playboy. Does this one even need explaining?

    (2) No name, but the driver of this lorry is an inconsiderate cunt.

    (3) Willie Bain - he is the new MP for Glasgow East. Being the successor to Lord Gorbals in his constituency is sufficient evidence that he's a cunt, in my view. You decide...

    (4) The Ministry of Defence - they who handed out £300million in bonuses and are today being slammed for spending nearly £6m a month on rented private sector accommodation for members of the armed forces because their own accommodation is in such a bad state.

  2. Phil "Shyster" Shiner is a gravy train riding, soldier hating, Legal Aid abusing Cunt

  3. Wollyarse is a proper cunt...if only his dick was as big as his mouth.I hate this Labore luvvy

  4. well done ,Phil Shiner- you stand for everything that is decent , not like the BNP trolls