Monday, 23 November 2009

Peter Hain

Peter Hain is a hypocritical, permatanned cunt.

Nominated by Dr Cwnt


  1. I hereby nominate all those that are making money out of the global warming/climate change scam and pretending that it is based on science.
    Pick any one of the buggers you like.

  2. Hain is a pitchripping cunt but not a bankrobbing cunt.

  3. Hain has the constitution of diarrhea.More shit comes out of his mouth than I can muster after 10 pints of Stella and a Vindaloo.

  4. This cunt has wisely kept his head down lately; what's he been up to this time ?

  5. Hain is always up to no good.

    My main reason for nominating his orangeness to the list was how he helped to destroy the once prosperous country of South Africa.

    Thanks to Tango Man, black and white South Africans now live in a shithole of epic fail, soon to be on a par with Zimbabwe.

    To see the truth about SA:

    The original blog was shut down after one of the authors was thrown in jail!

    Like fuck am I going to the World Cup.

    Peter Hain now lives in Wales.


  6. only 1 nomination?
    the only person shitter at polotics than robbing banks!
    just keeps £100,000 in donations and refuses to answer where its gone?
    trying to bring down the uk like south africa.
    he'll only be happy when portugese butternut squash pickers are hacking lincolnshire farmers to death and claiming the farms for themselves then not having a clue what to do so theyll kill each other instead...before moving to the city to live in your house (killing you in the process)welcome to hains utopia.
    grade a cunt.