Saturday, 28 November 2009

Kim Woodburn

Kim Woodburn is nasty, vindictive,
dead baby hiding, ugly fat cunt.

Nominated by Houdini


  1. OK, a bit vague this one.
    I nominate every fucker that runs a shop and keeps no stock.
    I go to a shop to buy something not leave empty handed then wait 'til fuck knows when for it to be delivered smashed and broken.
    Of course nobody is buying anything and the High Street is dying - nobody has got anything to fucking sell and I have to queue up with every other bastard at the car park only to get to the scabby shop to find out that the warehouse hasn't got anything either.
    Merry fucking Christmas you time wasting cunts.

  2. H.R. Puff is a big orange kiddie frightening cunt.

  3. How come The Sisterhood have not sorted this cunt out yet, or is babycide ok these days ?

  4. I nominate the totally bogus Carbon Calculator on Put in all me details, it couldn't fault me, house is spewing out 6 tonnes of CO2 a year, average punter vomits out 10.5 tonnes. All OK then. But it advised me to GET A MICROWAVE??!!?! I wouldn't have a fucking microwave in my kitchen if you paid me. What kind of fuckwits recommend cooking with something that is a by-product of fucking war machines? Have they never tasted anything cooked in a microwave?

    And they're all lying cunts - we are not the cause of global warming. The fucking Earth will so as it pleases. That's what the laws of physics are all about.

    A fucking MICROWAVE! Cunts.

  5. Headson
    A bit vague? You're not fucking wrong there mate. Too cunting vaque for a cunting as far as I can see. I'd get a head fuck just from trying to decide which cunting picture to use ;-)

    All the same, an excellent rant, brimming with cuntitude. Nice one!