Friday, 6 November 2009

David Cameron

Where's my referendum, David Cameron, you lying bollocks-spouting cunt?

Nominated by Barking Spider


  1. The only difference between Cameron and dead traitor cunt Heath is that Cameron is not dead.

  2. Just announce a referendum on our continued membership if the common market then watch the Conservative vote double.
    Not difficult.

  3. cameron the blue labour leader and cunt.

  4. Cameron.Labour.Brown.Conservative.There's no fucking difference at all.There'll be no difference after the election either.Just a different sociopath at No.10.

  5. From HurlingDervish.
    I can't even be bothered with diamond Dave and his fucking bezzy mate Gideon. What a waste of space the pair of them like, they're made from the same mould aren't they.
    I really wanted to nominate that 'princess' artist of the art world (who's so called cunt 'art' my blind 20 year old Labrador could fuckin' make in about 20 minutes flat if I gave it a load of newspaper cuttings and crayons) and 'who do you think you are' starring flapping 'mockney' apples and pairs geezer, cunting fucking rich wanking cunt that is Tracy Emin.
    If that's OK of course?